Sunday, December 14, 2008

Classic Challenge Wrap Up

First, a big congratulations on completing the Classics Challenge! Thank you for participating and making this challenge such a success.

So, that thing you've all been waiting for...the prize! As if reading 5 classics isn't prize enough. :) After December 31, I will draw a name for a book of your choice from (20 USD limit).

How are you eligible? First, you must have finished at least five classics (and one bonus if you're doing the 6 book option) between the dates of July 1st and December 31st. Second, either leave a comment below with your books (if you do not have a blog) or use Mister Linky below to link to your wrap-up post for the challenge.

**While you're writing your post, let us know how the challenge went for you.

Were there any surprises in your book choices? Did you end up liking/hating classics more than before the challenge? Will you be picking up more/less classics in the future? What went well with the challenge? What advice do you have for ME as a hostess in the future (besides getting the darn monthly review posts up on time)?

And now a few poll questions to help me gear up for next year:


mari said...

Is it only 5? I thought it was 6! If 5 then I am finished! Woohoo!

Trish said...

5 CLASSICS...if you're reading one "bonus" from the list to the right, then 6 total books. :) I guess maybe I should clarify? Congrats on finishing!

Joy said...

I won't be joining this year, but I wish you the best of reading! :) Thanks for hosting, Trish.

Amanda said...

I'm excited for whatever you come up with Trish. Of course, does a classics challege even count for me, since 75% of my books next year are likely to be classics anyway? I guess it's more like a place to contribute, rather than a challenge, in my case. Ah well, I'd still want to participate!!

Kya said...

Thanks for hosting, it's been fun and I've learned a lot about blogging. I only started a blog to be part of this.

ibeeeg said...

Thanks for hosting! This was fun and the challenge kept me motivated to complete my list! Thanks.

My books that I finished:

Pride and Prejudice
Jane Eyre
The Secret Garden
Little Women
Alice in Wonderland

The reviews can be found on my blog:

ibeeeg said...

Sorry, I just noticed I posted my December Reviews under the wrap-up post. Sorry.

mari said...

Ack! I completely forgot to link my wrap up here on time. I have anyway, though. Sorry I am late.
I was done on time...really. :)

TheBlackSheep said...

Thanks so much for hosting this! It was great to be able to read other's thoughts on the books. A great side line was that nearly everyone posted about non-classic reads as well as the classics, opening up my whole reading world. I've read books I never would have because of this challenge and that's always a good thing. Thanks again and I'll look forward to next one!

Trish said...

Thank you all for your participation in the challenge!! I'm thrilled that you guys were able to read more classics, maybe learn a thing or two, and see what others are reading. I definitely hope you'll join again in the spring.

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